Los Angeles, USA

Nov 2017

Downtown LA is our wonderful compromise to be halfway between the Arts District and Silver Lake ai??i?? that is, where we like to wander in Los Angeles. What is brilliant about it is that every time we come back, we find a bunch of new places we can walk to and have dinner in, after a warm shower, when driving somewhere else is the last thing on our mind. It kind of feels like being a young neighbourhood couple. Our friend Carl suggested Woodspoon when one of our favourite restaurants in Little Tokyo closed. ai???Do you know where you can eat tonight? At Woodspoonai??i??. The lovely lady owner of this small ai???Brazilian country kitchenai??i?? is a close friend of his. We google it quickly to find Jonathan Goldai??i??s opinion, which reads: ‘It may be a little strange to start a review by praising a restaurantai??i??s tap water, but Wood Spoonai??i??s really is the best in town: triple-filtered, no doubt, served sharply cool, and flavored with whole cinnamon sticks, which give the water a delicate fragrance and tint it the color of dilute oolong tea.’ That water in a carafe with its whole cinnamon stick! Those childish, womanly napkins, odd and beautiful ai??i?? broderie anglaise, floral designs, wrinkled laces. The red sangria made with red cabernet, cinnamon and berries. The pastel portuguese, dumpling stuffed with shrimp and served with coconut sauce. The traditional moqueca, a seafood stew with black cod, coconut sauce, rice and cilantro. When we sleep Downtown, every other night you can find us at 107, West 9th Street.

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