Moorea Beach Lodge

Moorea Beach Lodge

Moorea, French Polynesia

Feb 2018

Paradise Tahiti has the shape of this lodge on Mooreaa��s golden sand. Opunohu Bay, where Captain Cook landed the first time, is up north and looks magnificent from the belvedere. In the inner part, in the valley, the volcanoa��s caldera, there are neat pineapple plantations on a rust-coloured packed dirt. We are in Haapiti, though. The shallow water recedes at night, leaving circles of moonlit extraterrestrial seaweed. For a few days, you need nothing more. You sleep in front of the sea, relax in the shade of some high palm tree, and live on the long wooden veranda, while water is always on the horizon. The breakfast is a French-Polynesian brunch of unusual grace: fruit salad, any-style eggs, warm cream flan with toasted almonds, baguettes, homemade grapefruit and pineapple jam, and fresh tropical-fruit juice. You read your emails in the main courtyard, under the magic tree (the Wi-Fi password is ‘arbremagique’) a�� a big childrena��s book tree with lianas and a trunk youa��d hug. You swim with whales, rays and lemon sharks. You open the fridge to find homemade ice creams, like a child having a snack at the seaside. La Paillotte is your caravan for fresh Polynesian snacks (above all raw fish with coconut milk, steamed basmati rice and green French beans, along with the delicious coconut flan of the house), a hundred-meter walk outside the gate, on the quiet road of Polynesian houses with dogs and cocks in the gardens. There is something familiar about this basic boutique hotel, which consists of a bunch of thatched sky-blue wooden bungalows. They take us back to the coasts of South Africa, Bali or Corsica but luckily, they are here, on Mooreaa��s lagoon.A�

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