Shash Diné Eco-Retreat

Shash Diné Eco-Retreat

Arizona, USA

Oct 2014

You should choose Shash Diné only if you do not conceive adventure ‘to a certain extent’ and if you seriously wish to leave behind comfortable life and have a daring, but definitely unforgettable, tête-à-tête with the extraordinary and extreme marvels of the Far West. A proper ranch with corrals, disused caravans, short little houses and a black pick-up truck that comes and goes raising red dust – this is the charming and spartan prelude to Shash Diné glamping. An extremely simple and extremely authentic glamping that lies on the red earth of Navajo Nation. Baya, a diné (‘the people’ in Navajo) born and raised on this land, Paul and their little daughter welcome you with smiles and warmth. A large family of dogs wag their tails at your arrival, goats and sheep move placidly among the short bushes, a white horse runs against the horizon behind the guests’ tents and it is such a spectacular sight that you cannot help but wonder if it was trained to do so. There are also a wooden veranda, a fireplace and the essentials to grill meat and potatoes. In the tents you will find the basics for the night – a can of drinkable water, two surprisingly comfortable camp beds, sleeping bags, Navajo blankets, books and theme board games.


Words and pictures Laura Taccari

Translation Alessia Andriolo